The mezzo-soprano Shay Bloch in the role of the maid Suzuki had a delightful voice and a sweeping dramatic talent

— Megafon-News, Madama Butterfly, Tel Aviv

The mezzo-soprano, Shay Bloch, as Marthe, Marguerite's neighbor, whose deep voice blended beautifully with that of the satanic bass and contributed greatly to the two couples' quartet, was extremely impressive in both acting and singing. Bloch may be the only one who has built a distinctive character in this production

— Scheherezade, Faust, Tel Aviv

Above all, worth mentioning, Shay Bloch, who makes an excellent contribution to the success of the "Rigoletto-ish" quartet in the third act

— Connessi all'Opera, Faust, Reggio Emilia

Shay Bloch is precise and professional as Marthe

— MTG Lirica, Faust, Modena

The one who impressed with her mellifluous voice was our own Shay Bloch in the role of Mercedes, Carmen's Gypsy friend

— Megafon-News, Carmen, Tel Aviv

The main role was given to Shay Bloch, who presented a surprisingly vulnerable character, provoking compassion and solidarity. It was a fascinating performance. Flora's confrontation with Toby in the second act was positively nerve-wracking because of the precise design of the frequent mood changes. The way Bloch interpreted the monologue "Afraid? Am I Afraid?" was very impressive as well

— Music4awhile, The Medium, Tel Aviv

Shay Bloch brings to the production a heavy mezzo-soprano voice bordering alto, with a particularly beautiful color, and no less important the precise preservation of the character's strength on the one hand and it's suffering and tenderness on the other

— Scheherezade, Imahot, Tel Aviv

Shay Bloch stood out in the role of Emilia - gentle but with vocal and stage presence. Notable was the true onstage interaction and happening between Emilia and Desdemona

— Music4awhile, Otello, Tel Aviv

A tough competition for the public's affection was given by Shay Bloch, who caused waves of laughter during an excellent performance of "Ah, quel dîner" (La Périchole) - both in singing and in acting. In this piece and others, she drew attention to her special voice - vivacious and with intense color and depth

— Music4awhile, Concert, Tel Aviv

The concert "Romeo and Juliet" opened with a fascinating performance by Shay Bloch of "Premiers transports" from the Berlioz version of the play, which created a dramatic effect that prepared the audience for the special evening

— Music4awhile, Concert, Tel Aviv